Safety Information

In the interest of keeping everybody safe- even while they're having fun- it is important that you read these safety points before you dabble with essential oils. While making aromatherapy part of your lifestyle should not be stressful or complicated, it is best to keep this points in mind whenever you are using essential oils.


· Never take essential oils internally

· Just because you aren't allergic to a certain oil doesn't mean that others won't be

· Never use essential oils on the skin without diluting them first. Whilst some essential oils are sometimes considered safe to use neat (for example, lavender), this should never be done without sufficient knowledge of essential oils.

· Don't use essential oils on or around the eyes

· If you've never used the oil before, dilute it and test it on a soft patch of skin- for example, the inside of your wrist or elbow

· Keep them out of reach of children- whilst they smell good enough to eat, they can cause poisoning if taken internally

· Essential oils do not dissolve in water so if irritation or a reaction occurs bathe the are in a massage carrier oil or milk

· Some oils should not be used on the skin if you are pregnant, have asthma or epilepsy, or a range of other health conditions. If you are not sure about any oil then it's best to avoid it or gather more information before using it

· Essential oils are flammable so keep them away from naked flames and other fire hazards


Finally, please don't assume that I've managed to cover all there is to know about essential oils to keep you safe and healthy. I've done my best, but you can never have enough information. So, keep hunting and take a little care in all of your dealings with essential oils.


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