Gel Candles can be slapped together in minutes- with amazing results.

Check out how easily you can make crystal clear gel candles. All you need is here.

Gel Candles are a fantastic new way to bring great smells and good looks into your home. Unique and easy- they make impressing friends and family a 10-minute job.

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Grab a few items that you can find in your average kitchen and slap together a couple of ingredients you can find right here- and the result is a beautifully clear and sweet-smelling candle.

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Each candle is different depending on the type of container used, the colour of the gel, and anything you'd like to stick in it…

It's as simple as melt, mix and pour…

You can make your own gel candles as a great new way to get the benefits of aromatherapy in your home.

Essential oils can be added to the clear gel wax and will fill your home with enticing smells. These candles make excellent additions to dinner parties or quiet nights in and can be designed to match and enhance any décor.

Now for those of you who like to get up to your elbows in wax and wicks, there are multitudes of ideas for good old fashioned wax candles.

Recipes galore and all the stock items you'll ever need.

With all the great stuff we have here, impressing friends and family will become a cinch.

Gel Wax Instructions

Equipment needed

Gel wax base
Double boiler or a bowl and saucepan
Fragrance or essential oil
zinc core wick and wick tabs or prepped zinc core wick
metal spoon
glass container ie, wine glass or tumbler


Preparing your containers
Make sure your containers are perfectly clean and no less than 2 inches wide at any point.

If prepping your own wicks
Cut a length of wick approximately 1 inch longer than the length of the inside depth of your container. Feed the cut wick through the hole of your wick tab and crimp closed with pliers.

For all wicks
Place a dab of hot glue on the bottom of your wick tab and carefully center the wick in the bottom of your container. Once glue has set, pull the wick straight. An alternative to this is to wait until some of the wax base has melted, dip the wick base in the wax and then centre the wick in the bottom of the container. Wait until it dries and gently pull the wick straight.

Melting your gel candle wax
Remove the gel wax from your container and cut into cubes. Melt the wax in the double boiler or in a metal or glass bowl that fits neatly into the top of a saucepan. Heat it over a low heat. Keep a close eye on your gel. If it gets too hot and burns it will develop a really bad smell and lose its transparency. There is no return from this kind of gel wax death.

Colouring your gel wax
Take a tiny amount of dye and add it to your melted wax. The more you add, the darker the colour, and the less transparent the candle will be. If you make your colour too dark, add more cubes of unmelted wax to dilute the colour.

Scenting your gel wax
Once the wax is melted and is the colour you desire, take it from the heat before adding your scent. The guideline for adding fragrance to your gel wax is ¼ teaspoon of fragrance per 500g of wax. This is just a starting point. If you find that you want a stronger fragrance you can add more scent, but we recommend that you do so in ¼ teaspoon increments. If you feel that the fragrance is too strong, dilute with more wax. The fragrance or essential oil must be mixed in well or it will create highly flammable pockets of scent within the candle and it will burn unevenly.

Pouring the gel wax
Carefully ladle your melted wax into prepared container. After poured, pull the wick straight again so it remains properly centred. Leave set up at room temperature for approximately one hour until the gel has set.

Finishing touch
If you have a few dribbles in the inside of the container, let it cool down completely and then peel the wax residue carefully from the inside. Use window cleaner or rubbing alcohol to remove oil. Trim the wick to 1.5cm before lighting and enjoy!

General tips

  • Never use wooden or plastic utensils
  • Try not to spill the wax on the stove element. It smells unbelievably bad and is really hard to get off.
  • Adding too much scent may create a cloudy effect.
  • The hotter the wax, the fewer the bubbles. But be careful not to overheat.
    Water based or powdered colours don't work very well with gel candles. Use candle dyes for best results.
  • Essential oils, fragrance oils and perfumes can be used to scent the candles. Any scent containing alcohol will cloud the wax and diluting it with more base will make no difference.
  • Keep the wick at least 2.5cm away from the edge of glass containers so the glass won't overheat and break.
  • If you choose to embed objects in your candle make sure they are not flammable.


  • You can add glitter to your melted wax. Just let the wax cool down a little so the gel is suspended in the wax.
  • You can embed anything in these candles that isn't flammable. Slices of lemons, marbles, glass figurines, sand, shells and more. The only limit is imagination.
  • You can layer the colours of gel wax. Pour the first layer and let it set, then pour subsequent layers of different colours, waiting until each has set before pouring the next.

Incense Scenting Instructions

Completely submerge blank incense sticks in a fragrance or essential oil. Soak the sticks for a minimum of six hours. The strongest and best-lasting results are achieved if you soak the incense for at least 24 hours. Remove the incense from the oil and dry for at least one entire day before burning. You can use any combination of oils you choose.

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